Compressors and Blending Techniques course

Dear Friends,
Alkin Compressors Italia announce that will restart, the 16th edition of the "High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors Maintenance Courses " and "Mixing Techniques", these courses have become very popular which are made periodically to update the staff of the Fire Department and other agencies.

This year there will be a novelty, that the courses will be done also in northern Italy and exactly in Liguria and Veneto, in addition to the usual sites (Rome, Catania, etc., etc.).

As I said the courses are free of charge and they will take place in two days, and you can participate equally to both or even one as you like.

At the end of the course everyone present will receive a certificate of participation.

Normally, we organize in order to have the facilities as special offers for your stay from host structure, so as not to burden on your finances.

The courses will be realized in January 2015, the exact locations and dates will be communicated by email or facebook to all members.

To subscribe, send an email to the following email address: with the words "Reserve Course Compressors and Techniques of Mixing" your name and place of residence.

We wait you to our Courses.
I wish you a good working day.
Antonio Persico