Medium Pressure 500 Canopy Series 40-70 Bar

Medium Pressure Compressors 524-526-528 CANOPY Seies - Alkin Compressors Italia

Medium Pressure Compressors 524-526-528 CANOPY Seies

Standard Features

  • Intercoolers (Stainless Steel) 
  • Aftercooler (Stainless Steel)
  • Check Valve
  • Safety Valve at Each Stage
  • Inlet and Discharge Manifolds
  • Inlet and Discharge Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Switchgauge for Automatic Start / Stop
  • Water Seperator
  • Drain Solenoid
  • Oil Level Switch
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Thermal Overload Protection for Electric Motor
  • Control Panel: Main Switch, On / Off Buttons, Hourmeter, Inlet and Discharge Pressure Gauges, Test, Reset and Emergency Pushbuttons, 5 Control Leds
  • Electric Panel: Y∆ Starter
  • Electrostatically Painted Silent Canopy
  • Vibration Mounts and Subbase isolated from Canopy For Smoothest Operation
  • Twin Top Forced Ventilation Fans for Better Cooling


Optional Features

  • PLC Touch Screen Control System
  • Stainless Canopy

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Working PressureDisplacement CapacityFADMotor PowerRPMStagesCylindersWeight (Kg)Dimensions (cm)
524 Canopy40580930563375015117202253077111160
524 Canopy4058012257444100020159502255077111160
526 Canopy40580171510361120020156402363077120172
526 Canopy4058020101217115002518,57502364077120172
526 Canopy40580261515793170030228402367077129172
528 Canopy456501200724260015117403365077129172
528 Canopy456501360814885020158703366077129172
528 Canopy6087014108450100020159003366077129172