Alkin Compressors Italia

Alkin COMPRESSORS ITALIA, distributor for Italy, Spain and Malta, is the Italian branch of the most famous Alkin COMPRESSORS, leader company in the production of compressors for all needs and for all applications, ranging from Underwater and Marine sector in general, Mineral Water Bottling, Injection molding machines for PET systems Aquaculture, Petrochemical, Cement, Industrial Applications Miscellaneous, Dams, thermal Reactors, Marble Quarries, Service Stations. All made with great efficiency and always in complete customer satisfaction, and that's why in his country Alkin COMPRESSORS include among its activities collaborations with the Navy, Police Authorities, Fire Department, Department of Defense, Coast Guard, Civil Defence .

Alkin Compressors Italia, communicates to its customers, the availability of its staff of engineers to the feasibility study, design and construction of special facilities in the low, medium and high pressure.

The Italian office will also handle the technical preparation of the customers realizing Technical courses for "FREE" for all levels of preparation, both for civil and military staffs.